Good Times

Prior to the recent Democratic Party of Dane County endorsement meeting, Sam Stevenson sent an email message to members of the executive board in response to a Herald article of his being circulated online.  In the piece, Sam is critical of WI voting methods, (including Straight Ticket Dems, or STDs) and corporate influence on the national Democratic Party.  In his email to the local Dems leadership, Sam addresses the article, states that debate and criticism is good for the growth of ideas, discusses his history of working on Democratic campaigns and concludes by remarking that he looks forward to meeting them at the upcoming meeting.

DPDC Chair Wayne Bigelow replies:

From: Wayne Bigelow <>

Date: Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:32 AM
Subject: Re: Salutations and a Brief Introduction from Aldermanic Candidate – District 2 – Sam Stevenson
To: Samuel Stevenson <>

I’ve read you’re  guest shot at Democrats re our being like STDs.  I’m not amused. And your “proud Democrat” bs below is just that.   I’ll be bringing a lot of copies of your your little diatribe tonite.

And please, don’t bother to introduce yourself to me.

Wayne Bigelow,Chair

Democratic Party of Dane County
360 W Washington   #302
Madison, WI  53703
(608) 334-8228 (Cell)

Classy, no?  I wonder if he feels like a bigger man for (unsuccessfully) intimidating someone 1/3 his age.

He runs quite the organization, too.  My favorite part of the meeting was Sue Ellingson’s insistence that, “Nothing is more important than the party.”  I assume she includes D13 constituents, the very people she is espousing to represent.

Good times.


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