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I just set the comment policy and I’m leaving it open to anon commenters, and not requiring moderator authorization.  This means that, unlike most blogs, your comment will show up immediately and you don’t have to provide an email or name.  However, slanderous or irrelevant comments will be deleted.  Further, if I’m forced to moderate too many comments I may grow tired and require authorization.  I don’t want to have to do this because I believe it discourages discussion, so please be thoughtful and avoid the ad hominem.



About introspectivejourney

A UW-Madison student, activist and writer. Hopelessly idealistic, tirelessly introspective, socially inept, slightly insane.
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4 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. kylesz says:

    What’s more, I promise to NEVER publicly call out an anonymous commenter, even if I know the person’s identity. I may notify this person privately, but when you comment anonymously here you will remain anomymous.

  2. Max Love says:


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