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Most of you reading this know who I am and at least a little bit about me; I’d nontheless like to jot down a few things about myself for the few that don’t, as well as my aspirations for this blog.  I’m currently a student at UW-Madison who hasn’t been able to pin down his academic ends over the last few years.  I recently completed my History thesis as part of the Honors program and, after crossing the half-way mark on several other majors, have finally opted to spend one last year as an undergraduate to finish in the Psychology program.  I hope to pursue graduate work in the field in the coming years.

My involvement in campus and local politics goes as far back as my enrollment at the university.  I’ve been involved in the Associated Students of Madison, Campus Antiwar Network, Student Labor Action Coalition and Progressive Dane, among many other organizations.  I’ve also served as a writer at the now-defunct Madison Observer, Badger Herald and (more briefly) Daily Cardinal.  Other pursuits, like an editorship for Illumination and involvement in Madison’s vibrant co-op scene, have also been part of my life in Madison.

Originally from Milwaukee, I have come to enjoy life in downtown Madison and all that it has to offer.  I have always felt most at home in the local activist community and truly appreciate its warmth, sincerity and diversity.  I can pop in at almost any local progressive event and immediately feel a genuine connection with the other people in the room and our purpose for being there.  Many of my best friends I now count as political colleagues – truly a satisfying development.

I decided to move on from the collective project at Forward Thinking in order to make a fresh start and create a blog that is mine and mine alone.  Though I am and will continue to be involved with campus and local activism, most noteably with Progressive Dane, the thoughts expressed here will be exclusively those of Kyle S.  

I hope to offer an unrelenting progressive commentary on local affairs, as well as accurate updates on left-wing happenings that are so often overlooked or demonized by the campus media.  In contrast to Forward Thinking, I hope to avoid many of the tit-for-tat debates that so often degenerate into the ad hominem.  I have come to learn that regularly engaging with the professional armchair pundits does little good for our cause and only serves to color our discourse with abject negativity. 

The campus left is comprised of beautiful and inspiring and thoughtful people dedicated to making our part of the world a better place, especially for the most disadvantaged among us.  Contributing to its endeavors in even the slightest way is incredibly rewarding.  I count this blog as part of my efforts in that regard. 

In this life, we can direct and mold our enormous capacity for love and passion in so many ways – both positive and negative.  I, for one, can’t think of a more natural and intoxicating path than the activist one.  Indeed, I can’t recommend it highly enough.



About introspectivejourney

A UW-Madison student, activist and writer. Hopelessly idealistic, tirelessly introspective, socially inept, slightly insane.
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  1. kylesz says:

    The site is still under construction. Bear with me.

    Thanks for reading!

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